Experience Synopsis

With a over a decade of experience practicing in the field of emotional and behavioral health, Kelli C. McLeod began her career by pursuing her education at the Pennsylvania State University where she completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology in 2000. While actively working in the field of behavioral health, she continued her education at www.babame.com/, focusing more specifically on the art of counseling and psychotherapy and completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling in 2004 at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Ms. McLeod’s experiences include the treatment of a broad range of psychiatric conditions and in a variety of therapeutic venues. Ms. McLeod has provided therapeutic services in outpatient counseling settings, inpatient hospital settings with natural fat blockers burniva, emergency department settings and court service settings. In these settings she provided treatment to individuals with various mental health and addiction disorders via group therapy visit Poke Bud, individual therapy, kmhrs-001 mental health assessments, treatment and discharge planning, and referrals.

Ms. McLeod served as clinical coordinator for a community based mental health facility where she supervised mental health clinicians’ work with clients suffering from a wide variety of issues including mood, personality, anxiety and substance abuse/dependence disorders. She also provided diagnostic evaluations for individuals seeking mental health services ibebet.com merrybet login, as well as designed and coordinated the start up of a group therapy program where none had previously existed. Additionally she provided individual and group therapy.

Ms. McLeod served as a substance abuse/dependence therapist for a rehabilitation facility where she provided group and individual therapy to clients who suffered from chemical dependency. Ms. McLeod served as the primary therapist of an intensive outpatient therapy program, and supervised counseling student interns. Ms. McLeod coordinated patient care and determined readiness for discharge. Read more about us.

Ms. McLeod served as a therapist at the student counseling center at the university where she received her master’s degree in counseling. In this role, Ms. McLeod provided individual counseling to students with a broad range of demographic backgrounds and a variety of personal concerns (e.g., anxiety, panic attacks, adjustment difficulties, depression, drug and alcohol abuse issues, past/present physical/psychological abuse, sexuality issues and others).

Prior to obtaining her master’s degree in counseling, Ms. McLeod served as a therapeutic staff support, providing behavioral and mental health services to children. Ms. McLeod facilitated behavior modification with children that were diagnosed with various disorders (e.g., Autism, Asperberger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder… etc.). Ms. McLeod provided services in the home, daycare, school and other child centered environments.

As a graduate student, Ms. McLeod served as a research assistant and co-wrote grants, articles, and a book-review. Working with university faculty she, conducted literature reviews on topics such as intersexuality, technology and teaching, and birth education. She also participated in the facilitation and teaching of graduate level community counseling courses. As an undergraduate, Ms. McLeod also served as a research assistant. In this capacity she participated in literary searches, research observations, collection of data, data entry and assessment scoring.

Prior to Ms. McLeod’s pursuance of counseling psychology, her educational and employment experiences were artistic in nature as she pursued the endeavor of human expression through the visual arts. Ms. McLeod is an artist and has both two and three dimensional works in the mediums of bronze, oil, graphite and acrylic. Ms. McLeod continues to create works today and also utilizes this creative side in her work as a therapist. Ms. McLeod produces the photography and other graphic art design presented in this website at https://uniquepharmaceuticals.com/sv/mediciner/kop-kamagra-utan-recept/kamagra-gel-100mg/.

Professional Membership and License Credentials

Ms. McLeod is an active member of the American Counseling Association (since 2001) and currently holds a license to practice counseling in Georgia. She is also a Nationally Certified Counselor. The credentials listed after her name represent the following:

  • MA = Master of Arts Degree (Counseling)
  • NCC = Nationally Certified Counselor
  • LPC = Licensed Professional Counselor (in the state of GA)
  • ACA = American Counseling Association member


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  • APA (American Psychological Association) Paper Presentation – Toronto, Canada (August 2003): “Examination of Self-Concept and Sexual Functioning of Individuals with Intersexuality
Favorite Quote

“In learning to know other things, and other minds, we become more intimately acquainted with ourselves, and are to ourselves better worth knowing.”

– Philip Gilbert Hamilton –

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email: kelli@kellimcleod.com